The golden age of arcade video games was the period when arcade video games became a powerful cultural force and have influenced many others as well. The time frame of its existence has always been a topic to argue over but the key factor of it included the 1978 Space Invaders and Asteroids the year after. 

Ergo, the rise of video games in arcades and also other forms of media games such as songs, cartoons and the movies TRON (1982) happened.  

Over the years, arcade gaming has had its ups and downs in the public eye, more than any other video game region. Nevertheless, they defied it anyways and have continuously survived up until today’s world where various types of games are more accessible at the end of their fingertips. Click here to know more about Mr.Izs.

Hitting up an arcade is a rare feeling that not many had a chance to experience. In a way, the nostalgia of scenery and sounds and all the social aspects is what appeals to people. Besides, there are some games that are more suited in an arcade environment.

The business venture of mixing alcohol and games together by building a bar inside an arcade is created by an unknown person to the extent that it became so successful all across arcades in North America, Europe and Asia, it’s not that hard to find one in your area.

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  • Barcade (Brooklyn, New York)

It is undisclosed if the owners came up with this exact idea but they sure did invent the word ‘barcade’.

Starting at a barcade opened in Brooklyn, it has since been expanded to states in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Connecticut and even to California. The OG venue is more focused on the retro aspect or an arcade with their games and beers and occasionally pub food like cocktails. 

In regards to the retro arcade game, you can find everything all games that are available from as early as 1975 up to the mid 2000s.

  • Game Over Lounge  (Bangkok, Thailand)

This bar in Thailand features 3 different gaming consoles that are specified to PlayStation 4, Wii U and Xbox one. It also includes various computer stations, board games etc.

The owner of Game Over Lounge is actually a food truck owner hence why the specialty of the bar is burgers and along with assorted types of cakes and milkshakes.

Some of the games available for you to indulge in are like Fifa and Metal Gear Solid, or if you prefer to have a less competitive but just as thrilling games, you can play the selection of board games like Monopoly and chess.

  • Continue? Gaming Bar And Bistro (Taipei, Taiwan)

Continue? Gaming Bar and Bistro have plenty of cozy couches for you to lounge and hang with your friends to watch the games played. Learn something new here.

If you’re more into retro arcade games you can resort to Fighting Mortals whereas if you’re into an active one person game, you can play Call of Duty all on your own. Bored of playing alone suddenly? Laugh out loud with your mates in a game of Party of Mario to take the edge off. Seeking a game that’s both fun to watch and play? Look no further to a game of Just Dance with your friends too!

This place is truly a magical game paradise with word of play menus like Pikachu Thunderbolt and Charizard Fried Chicken.

  • Seattle Pinball Museum (Seattle, Washington)

Besides doubling as a museum showcasing games dating back to the 30’s, the Seattle Pinball Museum has about a total of 54 machines at any given time.

The founder of the bar has a partnership with Storefronts Seattle which objective is to connect artists to empty shop fronts. Spend your money on the best online casino.