Are you one of those who are planning to develop a website but have no idea how to design your website? If you are then you need to know that when people browse a website, all they want is easy navigation, attractive plus decent design, and most importantly, relevant content. As in the modern age of technology and the internet, people like to spend less time on the internet, however, businesses must leverage a website features users value most to hold their audience’s attention by keeping them on the website for a longer time.

With time passing, now most of the people around the world are becoming more selective about the time they spend on the internet. Recent studies have shown that an average adult spends almost around 6 to 7 hours per day on social media but now after realization, many people are becoming wary of the internet’s impact on their daily lives and minimizing their time on the internet. 

As we all know the competition has become fiercer in the 21st century, today most of the companies around the world compete for users who want to curb their time on the internet. This has become the ultimate reason why businesses must incorporate website features users want without compromising functionality.  

Many studies roughly estimated that people prioritize access to content over trendy plus attractive designs and features of the website. All in all, most of the people prefer design elements and website functionality that assist them in discovering relevant information. In one study, it was found that one-third of people (roughly around 33% of people) only spend around 1 to 3 hours online for entertainment and fun in their daily life. Another point the same study found was that almost 94% of people say easy and smooth navigation is the most significant feature of a website that attracts users. Almost 83% to 84% of people appreciate it when website design and graphics are up to date and are very attractive and decent. 

On the basis of these studies, we have concluded that people around the world want to limit their time on the internet. Therefore, many businesses are required to develop more engaging websites. On the basis of this hypothesis that people want to spend less time on the internet and businesses have to build more engaging websites, we have prepared top features of websites. Down below are written some of the top website features. 

  • Easy and  simple navigation
  • Relevant plus authoritative content
  • Digital media as an extension of the business website
  • Personal blog of a company
  • Trendy plus attractive design
  • Great user experience
  • Great visuals of products plus descriptions

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