In Taman Desa, there are many real estate properties such as condos and apartments for rent. As Malaysia is growing in its economy and many investors are putting their money on housing projects, many there are many condo for rent Taman Desa available now for your choosing. Taman Desa condo for rent offers many amenities and are highly designed to suit the tenant’s needs. In deciding where to rent among these many options, it is best to do inspection on the property first before signing any legal and binding documents.

Many condo for rent in Taman Desa, offer either fully or semi-furnished units, some with offering even the smallest details like plates in the kitchen. So that before signing the agreement, it would be best to scrutinize first like for example the furniture and see if nothing is faulty. The appliances should be checked and make sure that they are working, especially electrical appliances. Remember that your security deposit is at stake if ever there are damages to these furniture and appliances. To make it more believable you can check these things with the landlord and also note the state of the appliances beforehand so that there will be o quarrel as to the original condition of the said things. In cases of faulty furniture and appliances then ask the landlord or the property manager to fix it prior or better yet if you can afford then buy your own appliances for comfortable living on your side.

Given your long stay in the house or apartment, it is unavoidable that you will encounter future problems such as home repairs. You must then clarify with your landlord or the property manager who to contact in cases of malfunctions. Include in your contract your privileges of contacting the landlord in case electric or water doesn’t work. It will be best for the tenant if the landlord will provide a list of repairs he or she will shoulder especially if the building is already old since repairs will cost more in this type of building.

To make every transaction legal, it is not advisable to do things by word only. There must be a written contract specifying all the rules and regulations as well as responsibilities by both the tenant and the landlord. For the tenant, before moving into the rented house or apartment, you must first sign a tenancy agreement. This will ensure both the safety of the tenant and the landlord in case untoward events arise. In Malaysia, there are Rental Acts or Laws that protect renters in places like Kajang, KL Sentral, KLCC, and Mont Kiara among its affluent districts. You have to fully read even the finest print of the contract to ensure that the contract is both beneficial to the tenant and the landlord and not just to the landlord himself. You can always ask for more time if you have difficulty reading and understanding the fine prints. Do not be shy to ask for more time if you need longer time to understand the contract. Believe me it is for your own good and will save you from problems later on.