Men sees everything from a perspective that benefits his kind. If he explores the mountains, he wants to see some material gain and some business in them. If he discovers new treasures of the nature, he ponders as to in what ways these treasures can add to the quality of man’s life. When the world was limited by the communication barriers, the sea explorers of yore tried hard to discover new continents not for the purpose of appreciating the beauty of nature and preserving it in its pristine form, it was rather for the sole purpose of having more of the resources, more of the wealth and more the labor force in those distant lands. Similar is the case with the exploration of minerals and fossil fuels. The world has failed to put a limit of the exploration of fossil fuel and hence the recharge of those heads of the resources has gone slower than their rate of exploration. The ultimate result of this unscrupulous human activity is that the coming generations have been deprived of the wealth that has been enjoyed by the current generations.

Scuba diving is also a growing industry and the countries which have their coastal belts are promoting scuba diving for material gains. But have we ever thought that what would be the impact of this human activity on the natural environment of the marine animals and how we are going to scare them for simply our own pleasure? Well, the other argument in this regard can be that scuba diving is not disturbing the natural environment of the marine life rather it is for its protection. Both the argument in fact carry some weight as the maxim goes that excess of everything is bad. There is nothing wrong in exploring the beauties of the world but exploring the vistas of nature, we must also define certain limits on our activities so that we do not destroy that beauty altogether. You have to get a diving license Malaysia before actually doing the activity. There are hundreds of thousands of scuba diving activities worldwide and Malaysia, being an island country, is also not far behind in this way. The scuba diving classes are held at various scuba diving islands in Malaysia which include Mabul scuba diving destination, Tiomen Scuba Diving destination and many more. But there should be a limit to this activity so that the nature’s beauty is not lost. We should treat the nature with care and define some rules for our human activity so that things do not go to ruins. There are examples of human activity which have caused the ultimate doom to the nature’s beauty. The excessive use of polythene bags, for example, on the beaches have dealt a serious blow not only to the beauty of seas but also to the marine life. There are evidences that countless animals die of consuming plating every year worldwide. Therefore, we must always exhibit a responsible behavior whenever we try to create some comforts for ourselves so that they do not cause destruction of other forms of life. Visit this website and get to know something fun there.