As we all know robots are very popular in the recent decade and have been proven to be helping humans in their daily activities. Robots do not have to be androids like in the movies, robots can be a form of machinery that can be used or worn by the users. Because of this, humans have been more dependant on robots. There are several examples of how robots have been helping humans, those examples are as follows:

  1. Used to Help the Impaired

There are several pieces of machinery in Japan that have been designed to help impaired humans to do their daily tasks. For example, the walking machine that assists humans in walking and running. This product has been used by many veterans that lost the function of their legs and elders that no longer have the ability to walk. Japan is also on the brink of creating a robot that can do human chores (i.e. cooking, washing dishes, serving food, and many more). If they succeed this robot will definitely help humans have a more relaxed life. 

  1. Used for Combat Purposes

Another example of how robots can help humans is them taking charge as the front-liners in combat. The United States of America has honed the ability of robots and has come up with a way of flying war jets without pilots. Their famous raptor jets have been a popular example of how robots can help humans reduce war casualty. With them in the pilot seat, humans do not have to put their lives in harm’s way therefore reducing the risk of being an airforce pilot. 

  1. Cost efficiency 

The third positive value of utilizing robots is they are efficient and cost-friendly. Take the factory business for an example. Studies have shown that factories that run on a human workforce on their production line have higher return and defect rates compared to factories that utilize robot and their machinery. Another real-life example can be seen through Malaysia’s industrial automation. Malaysia is popular for its automobile industry, producing cars from their government based companies Perodua and Proton. They have been very efficient and they said that by implementing robotics in their factories, they have been able to suppress their defect rates and increasing their production level more than ever. 

All in all, robots have been very useful for humans, and through the examples has been proven that they are very useful. However, robots and their machinery can also prove problems for humans, especially in the workforce. By using robots, humans can go unemployed. Robots are not prone to failures and have a cheaper cost of utilization. Furthermore, robots can be hacked, if the military relies on robots too much, their confidential information can be hacked and compromised. This information can be used to harm other humans and even other countries. In conclusion, using robots have their own pros and cons. If humans do not find the balance between them, the results can be devastating and can harm humans themselves.

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