Finishing high school and furthering studies is quite interesting knowing that we will about to start a new life somewhere and this path will lead us to our future career. That is why it is very important for us to really be careful about the courses we decide to take in Universities. There are many ways you are able to find out more information regarding this matter such as educational fairs, like Universiti Teknologi MARA “Selangkah ke UiTM” events. Furthermore, some of the Youtube videos, and Blogger’s writers sharing their personal experiences, and recommendations from the people around us like our parents, friends and, our aunties and uncles. Based on our current situation, and demands, most students seem to want to further their studies in the development industry. What you guys do not know, there are many types of developers available and needed in Malaysia. 

The first one you should know is game developer Malaysia. Game development is quite fun if you are a gamer, yourself. You are able to learn how to create environments in-game, create the storyline, and learn some of the programmings. Malaysia has a lot of good gamers and players, and I am sure if you are actually a good player, you are able to come up with better gameplay and strategies for your game development and become the best game developers Malaysia

Besides that, there is also website developers where you get to learn how to create a website from scratch. There are many free domains and free websites with basic layouts that you can find on Google where you are allowed to write and post your content. You do not get to customize so much on the blog or the website. But by learning website development, you can learn the programming language, and you could use these skills and knowledge, and create your own online portfolios where companies are able to see what you are capable of. Furthermore, with these skills, you are able to do business as well, as many small business owners would like to hire someone with skills and does not need more payment for your lack of experience. By taking these projects as well, you can add them up to your portfolios and projects you have done, where your future clients are able to see and evaluate your skills. Moreover, by learning website development, you will automatically learn about the search engine optimization (SEO) for google ranks too. Thus, website development could give you a lot of knowledge and skills than you can imagine. There is a lot of best SEO company Malaysia as well. 

Last but not least, there is mobile application development. Mobile application development is specific to only mobile applications. But if you have knowledge and skills from website development, trust me, learn mobile application development is not going to be that hard, you will only need to learn the programming language for mobile applications and know some difference between the website and mobile application. 

In conclusion, all these skills and knowledge from development are so thrilling and exciting. I think you should try and explore more regarding this matter because I can assure you that it will be beneficial for you in the future. I hope you will try to experience it and I hope it will be a good experience for you. 

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