Considering to be an app developer? First of all, do you know what is app developer? The app developer is a computer software engineer that has the responsibility for creating, test also developing an app for mobiles such as a tablet, phone, and computer. The skill that you need to be app developer is analytics skill, communication, creativity, customer service, attention to details, problem-solving and technical skills. This skill is very important so if you did not have it you can try to learn and polish your talent to get those skills. Keep reading to know the reason why you should be an app developer. You also might want to view more mobile app development companies Malaysia on the search engines to be a part of the team. 

  1. Salary

Do you know that app developers are one of the jobs that got a high salary? According to one research, an app developer in Malaysia their salary average is about MYR 48k in 2020 and that’s including bonus and profit-sharing. Most of the developers working on one or two projects at one time so can you imagine how many profits that they can make just making an app.

  1. Experience

You also can get more experience and can polish your problem-solving skills if you become the app developer because there will have an error that you need to fix if you writing the wrong coding for the app. You need to remember that each app might need a different language and this is up to the app. You need to decide by yourself what kind of app that is suitable for the app. While writing your coding, not every error that you get is the same so you can have a lot of experience and it is the day by day experience of working on new ways to solve it. Other than that, while you writing the coding you also will learn something new about coding and you also can see and learn about coding from your teammates because sometimes other people use different styles of writing their coding so here is your chance to learn about it. 

  1. Become a boss

After a few years of working for other people’s companies, you might want to start your own company and become a boss. Remember that you might get more profit and salary if you have your own company but make sure that you really professional enough when you stop working for the last company. This is because when you have your own company that’s mean you are the leader for your own company and people will follow your step to help you develop your company and it is such a shame if the leader does not know how to lead. Take a lot of experience from the previous company before you leave. 

To conclude all this, becoming an app developer actually is very fun for some people and other might not. If you are thinking to become one of them you need to think properly about that. 

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