As according to the survey, almost half of the marriages ended in divorce, you might as well prepare yourself since you are about to be married with the man whom you think you can’t live without. The thing is, in spite the fact that you both love each other unconditionally; you can’t still say that you will not think of getting a divorce in the future. The world is round and imperfect. But I did not mean that there is really nothing you can do. In fact, if every married couple have done their best, since they have both love each other from the start, they might have find some ways to compromise and save their marriage if they are really willing to do so. Same thing can happen to your marriage. 

To help you with, here are some helpful tips that could act as your guide in trying to make your marriage last:

  • Be aware that there is really no perfect relationship. If you read one in novels or see one in your favorite TV show, then that is only fiction. Every couple has their own share of marital conflicts. And when you are facing one of yours, try hard to stay calm no matter what. Yes, this may seem challenging but there is really nothing you can achieve in being so angry. You can only say and do things you might end up regretting.
  • With that done, try to listen and understand your partner so that you will fully comprehend why such situation occur that causes the conflict. Maybe, there is something you did not understand or your partner did not understand. Everything will be resolved if each of you will give time for the other explain his side. 
  • After hearing him and also explaining your part, you can now start to resolve the issues causing the conflict. Take note that it is impossible for your partner to hurt you intentionally. Yes, there might be some times when he will forget to consider your feelings but as he is also imperfect just like you, you have to give him allowances same thing as he should also do the same. No problem can be so high for two people who are willing to compromise. 
  • Don’t try to dominate the situation. If you will try to do so, your partner will tend t do the same and the situation will only become worse. Instead, give time for your partner to express his ideas about the current topic instead. 
  • Then, after all the sharing and brainstorming, come up with a solution agreed by both of you and once the conflict is settled, make a promise even just to yourself only that you will never brought up the subject again. You can ask your partner to do the same as well.

And the last but not the least is to try to make your nights together still exciting. Sometimes, this can stop marriage dissolution as well.  You can make use of mind blowing toys for sex in malaysia to add flavour to your bed activities. 

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