5 Wrong Things About Your Skincare & How To Fix Them

First things first I would like to remind you that EVERYONE’S SKIN IS DIFFERENT. Just because you see a beauty guru on a social media platform use a certain array of products or devices in his or her routine, does not mean it will react to your skin the same way.
Every little thing could affect your skin in a certain way like hormonal imbalance or the environment that you live in, especially since we live in Malaysia where it is most of the time, hot and humid. When it is hot and humid, we tend to sweat a lot and dirt can stick easily to your skin, be it dirt near a construction site (which there is a lot of in Malaysia) or general dirt in the air.
Here are the things you might be doing wrong and how to fix them:
Scrubbing Too Hard Or Too Often
Your face is one of the most delicate parts of your body, so doing this will cause the thinning of your skin! (And yes, our skin has layers, so the thinner it is, the more sensitive it becomes) Our skin has a natural barrier to protect itself, just give it a gentle hand instead of trying to damage it. Plus, no matter how dirty you feel, never scrub like there is no tomorrow. Lather you face cleanser with gentle strokes.
Face scrubs on the other hand can cause micro-scratches, which is good for some people since it is like renewing your skin however for other people, it may be damaging and cause acne breakouts. forex broker is recommended that you find a chemical exfoliator or make a routine of only using face scrubs twice a week.
Using Clay Masks Every Day
Clay masks, although good for the skin, can be bad if you abuse its use. Most clay masks have a drying agent to help minimize the appearance of pores. Hence, if you use it every single day, it may result in the clay mask robbing your skin’s natural oils and leaving it dry. It is advised that you only use clay masks one to two times a week and remember to rinse with warm water.
Using Too Many Products
Like I mentioned earlier, give your skin a gentle hand and not damage it. In this case, do not overcrowd it. Using too many products can worsen your skin rather than help keep it healthy. Try to keep it minimal with a cleanser-toner-moisturizer type routine but keep your serums and essences to only 2 to 3 types in a routine.
Not Knowing The Order Of Products
You should not apply your products according to your liking. I have mentioned the basic routine earlier but for a more complex routine, the sequence of cleanser – toner – serum – eye cream – day cream – sunscreen is the right one for your morning routine. As for a night routine, it is in the order of cleanser – toner – spot treatment – serum – eye cream – night cream. As for letting the product settle in, at least give it around 30 seconds to a minute before continuing with the next product application.
Removing Your Makeup Improperly
Makeup is an outlet for creativity and expressing oneself. It can empower a person and boost their confidence to go through the day. After wearing makeup for an entire day, however, you need to thoroughly remove them for your skin to breathe properly once more. Using only facial wipes to do so will not be sufficient and it can also be quite harsh for your skin, especially the sensitive kinds.
This is where double cleansing comes in handy because it helps clean your face of any impurities as the second cleansing will be more effective onto your skin. Without removing products properly, the pores on your face will most likely become clogged after a whole day, resulting in possible unwanted whiteheads, blackheads and acne to pop up on your face.
Bonus Tip:
Use the 60-second rule when cleansing your face. It gives time for the cleanser to settle in and really show its potential on your skin.
Yes, skincare can be a hassle but it helps you in the long run and you can always invest in a trusted broker Forex to earn a bit more money to keep your skincare consistent. But also remember that a product does not have to be pricey to be good. Sometimes there is a diamond in the rough.