Social media has a heavily damaging impact on all of us. 

Of course, it has its benefits but it can make or break a human. The social dilemma of today is how addicted we are to social media platforms. Where the fantasy world ends and real-life meets is a completely blurry line today. It is important to come back to reality and hopefully learn how to use social media only as a healthy distraction. 

Even top CEOs of online marketing social media Malaysia are careful of how they consume social media. Just because their job entails looking at social media does not mean they don’t learn how to develop healthy ways of coping with social media. 

So what are some tips on how we can cure social media addiction?

  1. Go On A Social Media Fast 

This is exactly what it means. Go on a fast from Social media, meaning that you take a healthy amount of break where you don’t open or touch social media. Not even to watch a video sent by your friend. Take time off from it completely for a day at least. The fast can last for as long as you need. But set yourself a specific period of time and quit cold turkey. Your goal is to not open social media until your designated number of days is over. 

  1. Turn Off Your Notifications 

Your notifications are your biggest culprit. Turn off your Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok notification. Only use social media when you deliberately take time off. This way it can be rewarding when you finally open social media. Otherwise, turn off your social media notifications. And let your fear of missing out on social media rest. Trust me, you are not missing out! It will all be there when you decide to open it again. 

  1. Don’t Use Social Media Before Going To Sleep or Don’t Open It As The First Thing In The Morning

Again. A huge No-no is using your social media when you are ready for bed. Social media can be consuming and engaging. You can never go to sleep properly and it will definitely disturb your sleep cycle.  Social media makes it harder to switch our brains off and go to sleep. It elevates our anxiety and negative thoughts are likely to come back and haunt us. Especially and young teenagers, and young adults. 

Similarly, we should not use social media as the first thing we do straight out of bed. It decreases our productivity and can possibly distract us from being the most efficient and productive self. Our work performance is affected and it can also get time-consuming. Avoid these two vital time periods to use social media. This is your self-pampering time and definitely not the time to consume social media. 

  1. Replace Your Social Media Time With A New Hobby 

If you are having a hard time completely cutting yourself off, the best thing to do is get busy. A new hobby can always keep us busy. But the key is to get a hobby we enjoy more than we enjoy social media. The hobby could be anything from learning how to cook to knitting and learning embroidery. Your social media time can be pushed back and be used as a delightful break from your work. This way even social media can be genuinely rewarding. 

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