Business is not for everyone. Owning a business requires tenacity, patience, and the willingness to give and accept help. It also requires an understanding of many different aspects of the business especially if you are a one-woman/man show. Doing it alone can even get incredibly overwhelming. We make mistakes, we fumble, fall a little, face losses and face the grave burden of marketing.

People say marketing has gotten easier over the years. I say it only got more accessible, not easier. Easy is subjective. Marketing is difficult if you are trying to get your business to the top of the ladder. We have millions of business owners and there are thousands in the niche that you are fighting for. So marketing today got much more competitive, difficult, and hectic. Partly because it is very accessible.

Despite its accessibility, few business owners do it right. Some ignore the basics of marketing only to focus a hundred percent of their energy on social media. This may work for some smaller communities with strong brand loyalty. But marketing won’t work simply just on social media. As business owners, we should take note of a few things we should absolutely do right. If done well, these can help your business grow multifold! 

Spending Time On Community Management 

Many spend their time making content, organizing content, and posting the content. But did they spend their time building a relationship with the followers who are also their potential customers? Everyone has a mobile phone and everyone is connected through the internet. Socializing through the internet is a huge part of our lives now and we expect some sort of engagement and personalization from the brands that cater to us.

We are also more likely to buy from brands that take care of us, care about our well-being, and make us happy. We will definitely be more inclined to remember a brand that had a former connection to us. Hence the importance of community management. This is an incredibly important block of marketing that some businesses overlook but when done right, can increase your revenue opportunities in triple the size. 

Creating Engaging High Quality Content

Ofcourse, creating high-quality content is crucial. The content is what makes the first impression of you on social media and other digital platforms. In order to make a good impression, you need a good brand image, good content, visually appealing brand elements, and so on!

Having An SEO friendly Website 

Brands that spent their money on a website are doing it right. Sometimes you may not need a website but if you are a business going international and looking for recognition, you need some format that helps Google recognize you. Google does not know your social media but it knows how many people visit your website, and how much time people spend on your website.

A highly optimized SEO-friendly website can get you all the recognition and the visibility you need to grow your business. A company specializing in branding Malaysia can help you create the perfect website for the Malaysian demographic. 

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