With summertime around the corner a garden is going to be the place to be. If you have a backyard you probably get tired of staring at the same scenery. Changing the structure requires a lot of labour, but the result is worth it. Maybe try giving it a new look by looking at these four options that other home-owners have included in their back gardens to make it spring to life.

–       Water features

Water features are a great addition to the centre or corner of the garden. They are sophisticated and can be made from cast stone, cobblestone or any approved kind of stoning that is firm yet impermeable to water. Another option could be a small pond, if you are not a fan of standing water fountains. Ponds are great to make the summertime cooler and provide a serene view from the window. 

–       Pathways 

Cobble stones are often the go-to material for making pathways. They are liked not only for their aesthetic but also their durability against the elements and time. But some folk may not go for the cobble stone and instead opt for a footpath of wood. Yes! Wood is a great alternative to cobble stone if you don’t want something as hard as stone. Try shaping your wooden steps into circles to make an even more peculiar and fun path into your garden and you will be surprised to see how many trips you take there. 

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–       Trees and hedges

Trees and hedges are super for a summer garden, especially if your back garden is spacious and can accommodate a lot of forestry. Using natural elements to spruce up your garden is a clever tactic to alter its look. If you don’t like too much greenery try to spruce up the garden with flowers and fruit trees to add some colour to your landscape. hedges can be grown around wire fences if you like the more gothic aesthetic that it provides. 

–       Statues and walls

Walls and partitions are lovely to have in the garden because they section it into different areas if your garden is big enough. If you want a wall, try using autoclaved aerated concrete Malaysia which works perfectly for garden walls because it is light, but strong. Stone walls made from cobblestone give a dark-age look that is gorgeous especially if you plant vines to grow around them. In the spring time the flowers blooming will look great against the backdrop of the cobblestones. As mentioned before, hedges also make great hedges, and for extra reinforcement you can grow them around wire mesh. 

These are just a few of several options for your garden. You can accessorise it with vines, potted plants, metal archways and if you have a remarkable taste in structures you can add a gazebo with a fire pit for great outdoor barbecues.