Psychology is a discipline that allows you to specialize in many fields. The profession of general health psychologist is regulated, so it is necessary to take a master’s degree in general health psychology to be able to practice as a professional. Those who choose the other path, that of clinical psychologist, do not need to complete this qualifying master’s degree, but can choose another type of master’s degree to specialize in amongst the several areas of psychology. On the other hand, if a degree in psychology is not quite what you want to pursue, you could try to study diploma in tourism management in Malaysia at Widad University. With this degree, you’ll still be around people and it won’t be as stressful as pursuing a master’s in psychology.

What is the difference between the general health psychologist and the clinical psychologist?

After completing the Degree in Psychology, university graduates can work as psychologists in various sectors or choose to specialize in one of the branches of psychology with a master’s degree. If they want to develop their career in the health or clinical sector they have two options: study the Master in General Health Psychology to become general health psychologists in the private sphere, or take the PIR, the training of Widad college Internal Resident Psychologists to become specialists in clinical psychology in the public sector, although they can also work in the private sector.

Thus, there are two types of psychologists in the health sector and two different types of training to become one. To be a general health psychologist you must take the qualifying master’s degree (two years) and enroll in an Official College of Psychologists. It is a profession regulated by the General Law of Public Health and allows working in the private sector and in the general health field, as long as it is not in the National Health System.

On the other hand, to be a Specialist in Clinical Psychology, you have to take the PIR (4 years) if you want to work in the National Health System. This profession is regulated by the Health Professions Regulation Law, and can work in both the public and private sectors.

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What types of master’s degrees in psychology are there?

Work psychology 

Work and organizational psychology focuses on the study of organizational behavior, that is, on the set of actions they carry out for the workers of a company. Pays special attention to human behavior at work, attending to individual talent and the general interests of the company. It is focused on the Human Resources area to solve problems that may arise within this context. 

Child psychology

This branch of psychology focuses on the well-being of children in emotional, cognitive and behavioral aspects. Their objective is to improve their quality of life in relation to the way they interpret what happens to them and their way of interacting with the environment. It can address both learning and psychological and emotional disorders.