There are so many people studying, working, and grinding from the comfort of their homes. Amongst the chaos of work combined with the pandemic, we have come close with several friends in our minds. Some of us befriended depression, anxiety, Obsessive compulsivity, and even disordered eating. Our mental health was one of the biggest victims of this lockdown. 

Taking care of ourselves was given priority during the lockdown. We safeguarded ourselves from the covid 19 viruses with the help of Dr.Clo Covid 19 and other sterilization measures. However, this does not have much of an improvement on our mental health. As much as we take care of our physical well-being, we should not neglect our mental well-being as well. How can we assure the safety of our minds during this long and cold lockdown?

Some have suggested exercising and many have suggested learning something new. But what’s something new we can learn that will actually improve our mental health rather than stress it even more and deteriorate it? Studying in lockdown has been far from easy but there are several online courses and classes that aimed to help us cope with the stress of covid 19. Here are some classes we can consider for the sake of our mental health! 

Dr.Clo Covid 19

Nutritious Classes 

We have a very strong relationship with food during this pandemic. Every downfall and the happy moment is celebrated with food in solidarity. However, even in the name of happy occasions food has continued to create a wreck on our mental health. There is a strong link between what we consume and how it impacts our mental processes. Nutritious classes online can help us navigate our complex relationship with food and help up make better and mindful choices when it comes to consumption. 

Digital Skills Courses 

Does our digital skill determine how our career progress during the pandemic? It sure does! Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with the knowledge of digital well-being and tech-savviness. Some of us are still learning how to properly use th internet for our work productivity. Having years of experience far away from the digital landscape has not helped our career now that everything is online. It is time we feel a little more confident about our work and personal life by building our digital skills using an online course. 

Psychology Courses 

Understanding the human mind and our own complex processes is a great way to combat mental illnesses. Psychology courses on depression, eating disorders, and other major issues like anxiety can help us find ways to identify common mental health problems among today’s youth. Once we have the knowledge to recognize, then we can work on how to prevent them and understand what to do when someone we love is also battling with mental illnesses. 

There are so many courses made for us to cope with the stress of the lockdown. And these courses can be filtered by age, demographic, language, and location. Learning new information and educating ourselves is a great way to stay engaged and interactive during this time of isolation.