Taking care of your internal and external parts of your body is very crucial to maintain a healthy life. One thing that most people usually take lightly is about taking care of your organs. We can see wounds and bruises but we can never see what is happening inside our body.

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Liver is the main character of our body as it has various functions that help us to have a healthy life. It helps in the breakdown of fats, the removal of toxins and other toxic substances from the blood, and the battle against infections. Our liver can heal itself and even regenerate, but there comes a time when it is beyond repair. That is why promoting a healthy lifestyle can be the vital approach to having a healthy liver.

The first thing that you have to apply in your daily routine is to eat a balanced diet. Avoid eating too much junk foods and fast food because you never know it can increase your cholesterol level. Most importantly, high-calorie meals, saturated fat, refined carbs such as white bread, white rice, and normal pasta, and sweets should all be avoided.

 Eat according to the food pyramid and with controlled amounts of calories. It helps to avoid obesity which usually is the main cause of liver problems.

Eating a balanced diet helps to maintain healthy weight, which is also one of the ways to have a healthy liver. If you notice you are gaining so much weight in a short period of time, get up and exercise to lose some fat. It is not necessary for you to go to the gym and use any equipment to exercise. Simpler exercises that you can do daily are walking, cycling, gardening, dancing, swimming, or participating in sports.

If you think doing any of that is too much for a starter, you can simply walk to the grocery store nearby, take stairs instead of using elevators or maybe you can walk around your neighbourhood in the morning. As simple as that, you will get to maintain a healthy weight.

Alcohol can be very harmful to our organs, especially our liver. Limit your alcohol consumption or quit consuming alcohol. Alcohol is processed by your liver in the same way that any other harmful substance is. Too much alcohol can exceed your liver’s ability to break it down, causing cell damage and leading to fatty liver, fibrosis, and the fatal illness, cirrhosis.

Get a consultation with your doctor about the right amount of alcohol you can take and you can opt to go to the best liver doctor in Malaysia for regular liver check-ups.

Use organic and non-toxin products in your daily chores. Just like alcohol, toxins have a high potential to harm your liver. Avoid direct contact with toxins from cleaning and aerosol products, pesticides, chemicals, and additives. Wear a mask when you are around and make sure to have good ventilation.

There are also toxins from the fruits and vegetables that you bought from the store, so wash carefully to make sure your fruits and veggies are clean and in the best state for you to consume.