In the world of construction, building material distributors in Malaysia and their installments can be found almost everywhere. The world now is advancing in the technology era, affecting all sorts of lives. From online learning to the capabilities in the construction side. In a certain project, building your own house, for example, the construction crew plays an enormous part. But to say the least, the building materials also have to be the best as it will take more than just the right crew for a successful project. Plus, those materials need to be analyzed and compared with the client’s requirements. Then there are other factors to pay attention to as well, like weather conditions and whatnot. 

What are building materials?  Well, as the name suggests, it is the materials for construction purposes like concrete, steel, cement, and all. In the good old days, people used to try and error mixing these materials to try and create new ones. But with the modern machinery, we have nowadays, engineers have all the critical knowledge of it and the process can be done faster. 

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If you are now searching for the leading building material distributors in Malaysia, I suggest you take a look at Syarikat Logam Unitrade SDN. BHD. They are your one-stop supply and distribution for your needs. Founded back in 1978, MR, Sim Keng Chor has this vision of making a company with expertise in trading and distribution of building materials. They are known for supplying materials for plumbing, engineering hardware, imports, and exports. With great experience in the business, they have made a solid customer base for their work and are known for their exceptional service. 

Syarikat Logam Unitrade, the best building material distributor in Malaysia, prioritizes integrity and reliability. They are honest in their business, act professionally, and take pride in their actions. All of these are vital to produce the best outcome possible. Syarikat Logam Unitrade thrives to grow every day and to give the best service possible. Some of the industries they specialize in are developers, construction, plumbing, fire protection, air conditioning, electrical, manufacturing, oil & gas, agriculture, water treatment, hardware shops, and trading houses. 

Syarikat Logam Unitrade, the leading building material distributor in Malaysia, has a selection of building materials from steel reinforcement to structural steel, raw materials, and BM materials. They offer steel bars, wire rods, and wire mesh for steel reinforcement. For structural steel, they offer materials like a flat bar, angle iron, channels, hollow section, sheet pile, steel plates, and door and trolley track. For BM materials, they have scaffolding, bricks, paint, and nettings. Last but not least, for raw materials, they specialize in cement, ready-mixed concrete and sand, and aggregates. 

In other departments, they supply pipes collection, valves collection, and M.E collection. They have black pipes, D.I pipes, steel conduit pipes, copper pipes, vitrified clay pipes, and more. They also do fittings like steel fittings, mild steel fittings, fire protection, and more. They have worked with a great number of companies. To name some, they are like ACI, Ajiya, Alfran, Copco, and many others. They are now available for express delivery, and all the goods will be delivered within 2 days of working hours upon order confirmation. They are also open from Monday to Friday from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. NOthing but the best at Syarikat Logam Unitrade, the best building material distributor in Malaysia.