We know the growing power of prescription of youtubers who, “in real time”, testify to their purchasing experience and the real quality of a product. The most famous example is that of fashion or beauty YouTubers who perform a “haul”. They thus compare the product as it appears on the site and the item of clothing (cut, material, color, quality of the finishes), as it is worn on them.

They specialize in providing information to consumers and Internet users about a business by sharing certified and uncensored user reviews. You should check out TM Unifi now to get an Internet booster if you’re in need of one. Some reviews left on these platforms do not always exist and may be malicious, for this reason we offer a Google My Business review deletion service.

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Video (Youtube) or photo exchange platforms (Instagram, Pinterest, etc.):
Video and photos are two extremely powerful tools for building or destroying an e-reputation. On personal social media accounts or on these participatory platforms, they can enhance the reputation of a person or a brand, but also permanently compromise them, with unflattering or too intimate images published without their consent.

The challenges of e-reputation: how to take care of your e-reputation?
Online reviews and e-reputation
It is essential to know what is visible on the Internet about him and to be able to manage his e-
reputation in the event of negative judgments, false news or defamatory remarks.

Without control of the content disseminated, the risks are great
If you control what you post yourself on your personal accounts, on the other hand, you have less control over what is posted by others. This is especially true for blogs and social networks. These materials are more and more consulted by those doing research in a professional (recruiters, employers, employees, customers, suppliers, etc.) or personal (families, spouses, friends, etc.) context. This practice has also become so common that the expression “googlize” is now used to describe Google searches for a person or a brand.

How to control and improve your online reputation?
The important thing to master the workings of online reputation is to understand it and become aware of its ins and outs. This is how we can then take care of it and get a certain grip on it. Defining the image and reputation on the web is therefore essential at first.