When we talk about e-commerce, the only thing that comes into our mind is shopee, lazada, zalora, shein and many more. Not to say that those e-commerce platforms (online business) are not interesting, but, the thing is as a fellow Malaysian myself, we all should give a little bit of credit to our own Malaysia owned e-commerce platform. Wonder what company I am talking about, it’s none other than Altus Malaysia itself.

As far as we know, there are many certified supply chains available in Malaysia itself. And all of those supply chain categories vary from what kind of logistics it supplies. 

Meaning of supply chain 

Supply chains are actually called collaboration between a  company and a customer. But there also, some other party that is involved in this chain of supply, which are suppliers or even partners who will play the role in ensuring the orders that have been ordered by customers are being delivered on time and without any trouble. So, let’s talk about the company. Company is where the supply will be manufactured and the company will do the business on the products that it has created. And when it comes the time to sell all those products, some companies will hire partners or even suppliers who will act as a third party in delivering the goods that have been ordered. To put it in a short word, supply chain is actually a form of network that will work with suppliers and partners to connect to customers where the company would have the ability to minimize their cost of supply chain by increasing the cycle faster than ever.

Certified BV Supply Chain In Malaysia

The importance supply chain service Malaysia

As we all are well aware, the cycle of this process. We should also know that Malaysia’s economic growth depends on our supply chain service that we provide all around the world. There are many certified supply chains all around Malaysia, and yes, ALTUS Malaysia is also one of the biggest and largest certified BV supply chains in Malaysia.  With that said, do you know, the more our country become a certified supply chain service to other country the more of foreign currency exchange would happen between companies and big time network that would give a big impact in our current economy thus, it will also enhance our production and logistics skills and experience when it comes to e-commerce platforms.

What do you need to do to choose Altus Malaysia?

Well, the simple answer is, it’s all because Altus Malaysia is known for its three core types of e-commerce service which are oilfield services, marine services and also logistics services that made them, the one and only largest e-commerce board certified supply chain around Malaysia which was founded in the year of 2010 and was formed by the Altus Logistics Group Network. This company is also known to have the largest logistics facility and also been reported to have expanded its growth over the past years. If this news makes you smile in joy to know that Malaysia too has one of the largest supply chains, try checking out their official website now, to know more!