Because it is more forgiving in the stomach area, maternity shapewear differs from regular shapewear. While certain activities are hazardous during pregnancy, such as wearing high heels and doing hazard activity, having saunas, hot tubs and no caffeine), you may be assured that your favourite pair of shapewear will not suffocate your baby. The hips, bottoms, and legs of pregnant shapewear employ standard compression-shaping technology, but a mesh panel is left to provide the belly additional gentle support. Some pregnant women prefer this option since it does not provide any physical pressure to the belly, which can be painful.

According to Dr. Sekhon, a board-certified obstetrician and gynaecologist, the maternity shapewear can help improve posture and take weight off your back as your baby bump grows. It can also be more comfortable than traditional underwear or tights, which have a tendency to slip and bunch.

This is especially true at the start of a pregnancy, she notes, because pre-pregnancy underwear may still fit but may not fit properly on your growing body. But wearing maternity shapewear can also protect the baby and pregnant women’s belly. 

Dr. Sekhon adds that maternity shapewear can also be useful throughout the postpartum phase. The postpartum phase begins as soon as the mother’s physiology, including hormone levels and uterine size, returns to a non-pregnant condition following childbirth. “Especially when the abdominal muscles are stretched, such as when coughing, laughing, sneezing, lifting, or getting up to sit from a reclining position,” she explains, maternity shapewear clothing has a use that  can help a healing C-section wound.

Wearing pregnant shapewear isn’t for everyone; it all depends on what feels good on a person’s changing body. According to Dr. Sekhon, those who acquire more weight during pregnancy or who carry their bump high and to the front are more likely to benefit from shapewear support than those who gain less weight or whose bump is more evenly distributed. 

People who walk a lot while pregnant period, or who have back pain or strain, should consider such assistance, she advises. If you wear maternity shapewear, be sure it’s designed for pregnant or postpartum women and isn’t too tight. If it’s overly tight or constrictive, it might be painful for the skin and tissue of the abdomen.

We now know that pregnancy shapewear is safe to wear while pregnant after reading this article, but where can we get it? There are a few shops that can buy maternity shapewear clothing Malaysia. You can buy maternity shapewear online or go buy it in any shopping mall. 

In conclusion, while wearing maternity shapewear apparel can be beneficial to certain pregnant women, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, it can offer genuine physical support to a pregnant woman’s body and also the baby itself. Pregnancy is a high risk thing, everyone including the pregnant herself needs to take caution of every decision, every action.  Hope that this article has been helpful. Thank you for reading.

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