Making your own website sounds fairly difficult, don’t you think? becoming an expert with layout and positioning, as well as navigating all the necessary tools. You actually don’t need to be particularly intelligent to understand how to create a website, and that’s exactly what we’re going to help you with this simple lesson. Creative flexibility is key to successful web design.

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  • Define your site’s purpose and strategy

It may seem obvious, but you must first be certain of your website’s objective before you dive in and start developing it. You need to consider what your USP (unique selling point) is and how you want to come across in addition to merely understanding your market and developing a content plan. People are not naive. People can tell when you are only putting yourself out there to make money or boost your personal profile. Your brand is immediately reflected in the malaysia website design of your website, therefore it must be engaging and real.

  • Determine what you want to achieve. 

When your objective is clear, the emphasis changes to the action you want website visitors to take when they arrive. Is the sole purpose of your website to present data? to market goods? to attract signups? How you respond to this will ultimately determine how your website appears and functions. Using e-commerce as an example, your landing page is an essential component of your design.

malaysia website design
  • Look up the recent web design trends

Although web design is constantly changing, there are some more well-established trends that you may study. At this stage, it’s crucial to remember that just because a web trend is popular doesn’t necessarily imply it’s appropriate for you. People often cite a website’s design as being its most crucial component, therefore it’s necessary to spend your time and research what your rivals are doing. It’s important to understand if you want to blend into your business or cause disruption in each area because each will have a different style.

  • Select a template or theme for your site

You should have a much clearer understanding of what you need from a template now that you are certain of the goal of your site, knowledgeable about current web design trends, and have a platform in mind. The design of your website is called a template, which is often referred to as a theme. Before you fill your home with all of your possessions, think of a template as the basic design of your home. The majority of platforms will give you a selection of templates to pick from that are already populated with sample material. It’s really easy to sort through templates and select ones that apply to you because they are typically categorised by industries. In order to save you time and effort, each category will contain templates with built-in functionality specific to that industry.

malaysia website design
  • Decide on your website’s branding

Now is the right moment to begin website design. Consider how everything you do ties to your entire brand when developing your website. The story of your brand is conveyed through a variety of design elements, including colour scheme, font choice, and imagery. It’s critical that they all convey the same idea.